New Gym Equipment

I purchased some new adjustable dumbbells for my gym. I did not need dumbbells but certain exercises just feel better using a dumbbell. Not having a lot of room in my gym the Powerblock Sport EXP look to be a good fit. The dumbbells are adjustable from 5 lbs to 90 lbs. It’s super easy to adjust in 10 pound increments. Increasing the weight by 5 pounds is a bit trickier but still fairly easy.

The Powerblocks need way less space and are cheaper than buying individual dumbbells. It was a no brainer for me not to get these. I will do a video review once I have had a chance to use them more. I have already had people ask me to let them know what I think about them.

So far I have used them for split squats as it allows for a lower center of gravity and is easier to keep your balance compared to a barbell. I also used them for bicep curls as it gives a better range of motion then a barbell. You can also do curls as a unilateral exercise. Cables allow for a more uniform application of stress to the muscle however I do think using dumbbells provides a different stimulus. It feels more rewarding doing curls with dumbbells versus cables.

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