New Lifetime Squat PR!

Just a quick update. Just wrapping up an intro training cycle from Alberto this week and yesterday I tested my 1 RM for the big three. I was not able to surpass my previous best in bench press (315) or the deadlift (455) but I was able to get 350 lbs for my squat setting a new PR!

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  • VG,

    Congratulations on achieving a new PR on the Squat!
    350lbs would be a long way off for me with my back and hips. Also not having a proper Squat Rack at the gym makes it all the harder.

    But as one of your previous articles stated, it’s all about setting your own personal PR’s.

    So once again, well done!

    Kind regards, Graham.

    • Thanks Graham. This has been my weakest lift of the big three so seeing progress here is very rewarding. Strength is relative so we all need to chase our own PR’s.

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