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So one week into training and things didn’t go as planned. I started out wanting to train all five week days. Monday started out good with a push training session. I went light as I wanted to ensure I did not over do it. Despite taking it easy I was pretty sore the next day. I decided modify my training and do Push on Monday, Pull on Wednesday and Legs on Friday.

Wednesday came and I was even more sore. I had signed up for a Powerlifting Forum with The Strength Guys on January 27th. Powerlifting is not my focus right now but I thought I could learn to lift better and get some motivation. Tuesday they emailed me asking to get some Pre-Analysis video for the 27th. They wanted each lift from two different perspectives.

Knowing I did not have the room in my gym for that I made arrangements to go down to King Fitness on Saturday. Leo King the owner was going to help me out. So with that in mind I thought okay I will train Pull on Thursday and will count the video analysis of the big three as Legs.

Thursday I was out with the flu so I ended up just going in on Saturday and at least getting the video taken. Not perfect by any means but it’s a start. I have included the footage that we got on Saturday. Hoping to get some solid advice from the forum on the 27th!

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  • Hi Deano,

    Great to see you’ve made a start back at the weights!
    Any chance you could post up the weights for each lift? I know they won’t be huge weights as you’re just coming back from a long lay off, but it will be interesting for us to know and to gauge your progress as you go.

    I’ve been listening to lots of pod casts recently on all sorts of issues around bodybuilding, power lifting, contest prep’ etc. One overriding message was not to do anything vastly different from what you’re used to especially when on top of competing or whilst in prep mode due to how the body would react. Usually the body reacts to a different stimulus in a very strong way and will make you very sore or if it’s a nutrition based change, it would upset your gut or diet progress. The same will obviously happen if you haven’t trained for a while. Obviously you’re experienced and aware of that. So maybe you need to train with the next workout always in sight so that you’re patient and always train to be able to train again in a few days time. ‘Slow and steady wins the day’ as they say.

    On Friday morning I was training at 06:30am and had to be in the shower by 07:00am so I could go to work. Friday should’ve been a leg day but for some mad reason I just had a burning desire to do some deadlifts, which I hadn’t done for months. I thought , that’s ok, deadlifts will work my legs as well as my whole body. I also wanted to do some low reps and smash it! Some how I knew I would end up suffering but went ahead and did the deadlifts.
    After warming up with the bar , I then did 10x 60kg followed by 8 X 100kg then 4x 120kg and finally 4 X 140kg, I tried to do another set but only got 3 X 140kg. I then I’d a couple of sets 100kg shrugs and then a set of heavy static holds with about 150kg. I’d recently been doing much higher volume and not the compound lifts just mentioned. But I just wanted to lift low volume and heavy! Hence on Saturday and today I felt like I’d been run over by a lorry. 😂 My traps, neck, lower back and shoulders were all aching and sore! But in some masachistic way I felt great and that I’d had a good workout. But that just goes to prove what a different stimulus can do, even if you’ve been training constantly. But that’s what makes it fun! And it won’t be long before your back there too if you stay focused and be patient. The muscle memory will allow you to make fast progress and you’ll be back in shape in no time.

    Keep the faith and the Iron Gods will smile on you!

    ,[[[[———–]]]], Graham.

    • Hi Graham,

      Yes there is certainly satisfaction in going heavy every now and then even when you know you will feel it and I agree with not changing things up to much when in prep or competing. Game plan was to go easy and just ease back into it but even with that it’s been a bit of a struggle. Sore today after yesterday. Mostly in my legs.

      That should go away in a week or two and then I can really focus on progression. Weights for the video were 245 lbs for Squat, 220 lbs for bench and 265 lbs for deadlift.

      I am still running a training log on the forums if you want to see how things are going day to day.


  • Thanks Dean,

    Your weights are still respectable.
    What is the forum address? I’ll try to check in from time to time.

    As you say. It is nice to go heavy from time to time. It’s what we live for. There’s no better feeling than going heavy when you can and hitting the lifts and using your power. I seemed to ache in places I’ve not be sore in for some time. I like the idea of static holds. I load the bar with plenty of weight and have the bar at just below waist height. I then bend my knees slightly and pick the bar up, straighten my legs and hold the weight for as many seconds as possible, straining every sinew to hold the weight up. This seems to fire off every muscle fibre possible! GREAT!! I only do these as a finishing exercise for obvious reasons.

    ,[[[[[[———]]]]]], Graham.

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