Sep 032017

So my favorite show on TV is American Ninja Warrior on NBC and its something I always wanted to try if I got the opportunity. I have run a few 5K OCR’s before but there is lots of running in between obstacles, in American Ninja Warrior its a series of obstacles one right after the other and you need to complete the course as quickly as possible.

So this year my company is competing in the Calgary Corporate Challenge in the White Division and when I saw there was an Obstacle Course Race I had to sign up. The race is on Saturday September 16th at COR.FIT Industrial location. We got a chance to go down and learn how to do the obstacles and practice last Thursday. We won’t know which obstacles we will have to complete on race day so they reviewed all of the ones we might have to complete. This is a team event comprised of two men and two women and the fastest team to complete the course wins.

So I was able to complete all of the obstacles and practices compelting them several times but I was there for 2 hours and was completely exhausted by the end. I definitely over did it and I have been paying for it ever since. Completing obstacles like this utilizes your hands and forearms as well as your abs to a far greater extent than weight training. My hands, forearms and abs are still sore and I ended up not training weights for days 3 and 4 on this weeks training block. Long story short when you get a chance to try something new don’t go nuts or you will pay for it! 🙂

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the athleticism this type of racing requires and those who make it look effortless. Upper body strength with regards to fingers, hands, wrists and forearms is a must and is something not really focused on in bodybuilding. Its probably why climbers do so well at these type of challenges as that is something they require for climbing. I do think there is value in being stronger in these areas so I think next year I am going to add a few things like a peg board, climbing rope, etc. to my gym to help develop this kind of strength.

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