Off Season Update

Just wrapped up an 8 week DUP block from Alberto Nunez of 3DMJ. The decision to stay with Alberto for my off season in an effort to maximize my results is proving to be a very smart move on my part. I am currently sitting around 20 lbs over stage weight and gaintaining as Alberto calls it. During this last week I tested my strength for the next block going for 3RM. Very happy that I have set new lifetime PR’s for all six lifts. Squat was my weakest of the big three but have added 50 lbs to my 1 RM over the last 17 weeks. I was also finally able to set a new PR for Deadlift after struggling a bit when I switched from conventional to sumo style. Plan is to repeat this 8 week block using the new numbers. Still working on improving my form on some of the lifts but overall things are going very well.

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