Jul 312016

Just a quick physique update, progress check and recap.

I stopped training towards the end of 2014 due to a really stressful period in my life. I started training again on Oct 25th, 2015 at a body weight of 215 lbs and by February 26th after some body recomp I was up to 218.8 lbs, which is the most I have ever weighed and basically 40 lbs over stage weight.

So the game plan was to drop some weight so I would have some room to grow. So for the last 21.5 weeks I have been slowly dieting down while getting stronger and more consistent in the gym. I hit a new low this morning of 199.8 lbs so I have lost 19 lbs.

I took a front and back picture this morning for a couple reasons. First this is a reference point in time to help track my progress going forward and second to evaluate my physique and what I need to work on. I think taking progress photos are a great way to objectively track your progress over time.


Looking at the pictures I feel like I am finally back to where I left off, just with a tad more hair. 🙂 Areas I want to improve the most on is my chest, shoulders, arms, quads and hamstrings.

Game plan is to lean gain with the goal of being about 205 lbs by the end of the year at which point I will probably cut back to 200 lbs or possibly even 195. I want to keep things pretty tight in 2017 especially with my goal of competing again in 2018. I have one year to make noticeable improvements on my physique based on today’s picture.

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