Off Season Update June 2018

For this off season update I decided not to do a Vlog this time around. Jeff Alberts of 3DMJ wrote a blog post called Transparency in Bodybuilding. Being transparent is something that I have always strived to do ever since I started this site 6 years ago. Sharing the ups and the downs along the way can help other people who are experiencing similar things. Only sharing your triumphs may stroke your ego but does not really motivate others. In fact I would say it can have the opposite effect in that it makes people think what’s wrong with me? The bonus for me is that by putting myself out there it helps keep me accountable.

On with the Update!

With all that said let’s get on to how things have been going since my last update. Training had been going really well with me setting lifetime PR’s. That suddenly came to a screeching halt as I struggled to match previous lifting performances. In fact I actually regressed in the number of reps I could do. As an example I hit a squat PR of 315 lbs for 6 reps only to struggle to get 4 reps for several weeks after. Most likely I was pushing to hard and just not able to recover.

The good news is I had a Skype consultation with my coach Alberto Nunez and he has set me up with a new training block. This new block is in a format that I have never seen before and has me training three times a week. It’s interesting in that I do two accumulation phases followed by one intensification phase. For the accumulation phase the volume increases each week as you add additional sets each week. The intensification phase is focused on increasing the weight used each week and keeping the sets the same.

IPF Worlds

The IPF Worlds were here in Calgary and Alberto was going to be coming up. The plan was to meet Alberto and hang out at the meet. Unfortunately he was not able to come to Calgary. I also did not end up going to the meet as I realized I did not really know anyone else. I would have felt awkward just going alone and introducing myself to Eric Helm’s and Bryce Lewis, if I could even get the opportunity. This was their meet and I did not want to distract them from what they needed to be focused on.

I did however watch the Men’s 105kg competition online, it was amazing to watch! The world record for bench press was broken three times in about 6 minutes! Bryce Lewis had a solid performance hitting 8 out of 9 lifts and ended up winning the gold medal! Congratulations to both Bryce and Eric on winning gold at worlds!

Physique Update

Most people only post up pictures when they look good and hide from the camera in their off season. In an effort to be fully transparent here are the pictures I shared with Alberto.

It’s difficult for me to see changes other then I have gained a bit more fat and the scale saying I weigh 14 lbs more. I don’t think its 14 lbs of fat but it hard to see any new muscle either. I think to really see the changes I would need to diet back down to 199 lbs and compare myself to the picture taken back in August of last year.

The game plan is to continue to train and grow for another 6 months. In January of 2019 start dieting down to the 190’s at which point we make the call to compete in 2020. I feel I have put on muscle despite it not showing in pictures. I put on a t-shirt from 2 years ago and it was so tight in the arms and chest that I had to double check to make sure it was mine. This backs up my feelings that I have put on some decent muscle. When I get down to the 190’s next year the pictures should back that up and 2020 will be a go! Especially when there is still 6 more months of gains ahead.

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