Officially Registered for 2020!

It’s official! I have registered for the Winnipeg Naturals show on May 9th and the Calgary Naturals show on May 23rd. I have wanted to compete again for a number of years but its finally happening after 6 years!

There have been lots of ups and downs over the last 6 years but my hunger to compete again has never gone away. I still feel I can beat how I looked in 2014 even at the age of 55. Competing in 2020 looked almost impossible a year ago. Focusing on smaller tasks helped me get back on track instead of focusing on the final goal.

Winnipeg Naturals

Dino & Kyla Camire are the promoters of the Winnipeg show. They also own and operate One Family Fitness in Winnipeg. I met Dino when he competed in 2018 at the Calgary show where I was volunteering. Dino’s passion for bodybuilding showed in his physique and his attitude. Having followed Dino and Kyla on social media before the show it was an honor to meet him in person.

I told Dino then that if he got enough guys to offer a Pro card in Men’s Bodybuilding in 2020 I would sign up for his show in Winnipeg. I registered now without knowing this because I have never participated in a show that I had to travel for. All of my previous competitions were here in Calgary so it will be a new experience. I also want to show my support to Dino and Kyla by participating in their show no matter what. While winning a Pro card would be cool, my primary focus is to beat my younger self from 2014 and show even at 55 you can hang with the young guns.

Calgary Naturals

Leo & Charlotte are the promoters of the Calgary show and President and Vice-President of WNBF Canada. They also own and operate King Fitness here in Calgary. Both are WNBF pros and compete in powerlifting. Meeting Leo in 2014 when I competed left a lasting impression. Since then Leo and Charlotte have gone on to accomplished so much more!

Their passion for the sport and helping others achieve their goals is what makes them so special. Volunteering for the Calgary show in 2018 I know how much work and effort they put in to putting on a great show for all of the competitors.

Leo and Charlotte also just announced the birth of their first child, Carter Leonard King on October 23rd so congratulations! Doing all that they do while also now starting a family kind of takes all of our excuses away.

If you are participating in any of the WNBF Canada shows in 2020 be sure to thank the promoters for all the hard work they do in putting on a show to showcase all our hard work. Excited for this year and getting back onstage. Excited to meet all of my fellow competitors. Hopefully we have a good turn out for Men’s Bodybuilding in 2020 as that is the true origin of the sport.

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