One Question Every Lifter Must Answer

Really good article and advice from Chris Shugart over at T Nation on how its important to be very honest with yourself about your training and nutrition and getting the results you want.

If you want to get bigger, stronger, or leaner, one question must be asked. Answer honestly and you’ll make more progress. Take a look.

The question is, “How’s it working for me?” Here’s why you have to answer it honestly, even if the answer stings.

That Guy

We all know that guy. He’s the guy that eats lots of junk food and stays lean. He can do nothing but bench press and build perfect pecs. He can do tons of cardio and not lose muscle. He can drink like a fish and avoid getting a beer belly. He’s the guy who can do a lot of things “wrong” and still look good and heave impressive weights. But here’s the thing…

You’re probably not that guy. Most of us aren’t.

Too often in bodybuilding and fitness, regular guys (and gals) idolize and follow the workout and diet advice of one of “those guys.” But the thing is, he may be the only guy that strategy has ever worked for. In fact, he may not even use that strategy himself. It was just something he tried once and wrote an ebook about, only now he’s locked into that brand.

Maybe “those guys” have injected the equivalent of a border-town pharmacy into their butts. Have you? Well, then maybe their workout and nutrition plans are going to affect you differently.

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