Week 1 Lean Gain Phase

A lot of diets focus on what you have to do to lose the weight but don’t tell you what to once you have achieved your goal. The longer you diet the slower your metabolism becomes. Going back to eating what you did when you first started dieting is a sure fire way to just re-add fat that you just worked so hard to lose. In my case I was consuming 3800 calories a day prior to starting my diet. At the end of 9 weeks I was eating 2000 calories a day. This first week I targeted 2900 calories a day and switched to my higher volume muscle building workout. At the end of one week I have gained 2.6 lbs which I was expecting to be around 3 lbs as my body filled up on water, glycogen and roughage in my digestive track. As the weeks go by my metabolism should increase and I will need to keep upping my calories to not lose any weight. For the most part I just increase my carbohydrates and keep protein and fat intake the same.

Now that my body is full of water, glycogen, etc, I am looking to gain 1 pound a week, any more and I would only be adding additional fat. You can’t rush muscle growth by eating additional calories so the objective should be to eat enough to be in a caloric surplus to gain a pound a week. See the diet section of the site for a breakdown on how to calculate your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake for muscle growth. Keep in mind that’s a general guideline and individuals will need to tweak things to meet your bodies unique metabolism.

My shoulder continues to bother me and I have actually learned to not push things like I usually do so I have resisted the urge to train biceps and do pressing and flys for chest. Perhaps you can teach an old dog new tricks after all! I was able to do dips for chest to at least do some chest work. I have also been going a tad lighter then normal on my hypertrophy day and taking less time between sets focusing on getting more of a pump which should result in better muscle growth. All and all a great first week off the diet and only 3 more weeks until Dr. Layne Norton takes over my training and nutrition.

Speaking of Layne be sure to check out his latest article on bodybuilding.com on how BCAA can increase your muscle building efforts!

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