Week 10 Lean Gain Phase

Well I am pretty much over my cold now and this morning I weighed in at 208.8 lbs so that’s down from last Saturday’s weight but up from Monday’s 207 lbs. I am hoping for an increase of about a half a pound increase this coming Monday. If I can keep gaining a half pound per week I should be … Read More

Midweek update

So Monday morning my weight was 207 lbs up only .4 lbs from the previous Monday. Not sure why my Saturday weight was so high at 210 lbs, it must have been a spike. In any event Layne has increased my carbs by 5g and fat by 1g for this week. So this will make my macros P 294.5 grams … Read More

Week 9 Lean Gain Phase

I got up this morning and I weighed in at 210 lbs and 10% body fat. The irony was not lost on me as I realized it was just over a year ago today that I weighed this much but at 27% body fat. Doing the math that means I have been able to add 35 lbs of muscle while … Read More

So Proud!

So my coach Dr. Layne Norton competed in the 2012 AFP Europa Raw Challenge in Orlando Florida on the weekend in the 220 lb class at a body weight of 213.6 pounds. So incredible to not only have a coach that talks the talk but walks the walk! Its the reason I went with Layne as my coach. Layne won … Read More

Week 8 Lean Gain Phase

So for this week Layne upped my carbs another 5 grams a day. In addition I decided to take this week off from training as I could tell my body just needed a break. So I upped the total carbs but then reduced my total carbs by 20% to account for the decrease in activity. Weight last Saturday was 206.8 … Read More

Week 7 Lean Gain Phase

After upping the carbs by 15g a day for the week my weight has rebounded and I weighed in at 206.8 lbs up a pound from 205.8 lbs last week. I still pushed hard on the power days but on the hypertrophy days made sure I was not going to failure until the last set. In a few cases I … Read More

375 x 4 Deadlift PR

So last week I did 350 lbs x 5 so this week I decided to up the anti and go for 375 lbs which I was able to do four! Very happy with this especially since I have only been lifting for 10.5 months. Special thanks to my friend and fellow bodybuilder Danika for video taping this for me! 🙂 … Read More

Time to up the carbs!

Ok so after discussions with Layne it was decided to up my carbs by 15 grams = 60 calories for this week.  Really glad to see my metabolism is increasing.  I won’t be taking the week off or doing a deload this week.  Instead I will try not pushing as hard as I have been on my hypertrophy days.  I have been … Read More

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to send out a Happy Birthday wish to my daughter Grace who turns 13 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE !! Grace is just another reason why I need to be in great shape to put the fear of god into any teenage boys that might take an interest! LOL

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