So Proud!

So my coach Dr. Layne Norton competed in the 2012 AFP Europa Raw Challenge in Orlando Florida on the weekend in the 220 lb class at a body weight of 213.6 pounds. So incredible to not only have a coach that talks the talk but walks the walk! Its the reason I went with Layne as my coach. Layne won … Read More

Week 8 Lean Gain Phase

So for this week Layne upped my carbs another 5 grams a day. In addition I decided to take this week off from training as I could tell my body just needed a break. So I upped the total carbs but then reduced my total carbs by 20% to account for the decrease in activity. Weight last Saturday was 206.8 … Read More

Week 7 Lean Gain Phase

After upping the carbs by 15g a day for the week my weight has rebounded and I weighed in at 206.8 lbs up a pound from 205.8 lbs last week. I still pushed hard on the power days but on the hypertrophy days made sure I was not going to failure until the last set. In a few cases I … Read More

375 x 4 Deadlift PR

So last week I did 350 lbs x 5 so this week I decided to up the anti and go for 375 lbs which I was able to do four! Very happy with this especially since I have only been lifting for 10.5 months. Special thanks to my friend and fellow bodybuilder Danika for video taping this for me! 🙂 … Read More

Time to up the carbs!

Ok so after discussions with Layne it was decided to up my carbs by 15 grams = 60 calories for this week.  Really glad to see my metabolism is increasing.  I won’t be taking the week off or doing a deload this week.  Instead I will try not pushing as hard as I have been on my hypertrophy days.  I have been … Read More

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to send out a Happy Birthday wish to my daughter Grace who turns 13 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE !! Grace is just another reason why I need to be in great shape to put the fear of god into any teenage boys that might take an interest! LOL

Week 6 Lean Gain Phase

Set a personal record in deadlift of 350 lbs for 5 reps on Tuesday which was impressive considering I have not done any deadlift training for a month. Of course then I had to come home and find out my coach set a personal record himself in deficit deadlifts which is even harder then regular deadlifts. Layne is definitely keeping … Read More

Week 5 Lean Gain Phase

Well another week and I am up another pound to 206.4 lbs so that’s 5.6 lbs gained in 5 weeks. Another killer workout today with increases in weight yet again. Instead of Bent Over Lateral Raises I tried Jim Cordova’s Dumbbell Rear Delt Row and wow do I feel it! Amazing exercise and one I will be using for rear … Read More

Good Friday!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday this weekend. My gym is closed today and we are going out of town to spend the day with family. Yesterday I had a great workout and then went and helped a friend move. Was very tired when I got home at 10 pm so decided to allow myself to sleep in for the … Read More

Shoulder Training with Jim Cordova

Jim Cordoava is currently one of the top fitness models as well as a world ranked drug free bodybuilder. Simply put his physique is sick! 🙂 Jim reveals how he trains his shoulders in this great video. Enjoy!

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