IDFA This Weekend

So the IDFA is in town this weekend for the 2012 Calgary Classic. They are in need of volunteers so I decided to lend a hand and help out from 5pm to 10pm on Saturday. Not sure what I am … Read More

Week 14 Lean Gain Phase

Woke up this morning at 211 lbs which is a gain of 0.8 lbs since last Saturday. In 14 weeks I have gained 10.2 lbs so overall I think I have been able to add more muscle while not gaining … Read More

This Weeks Coach Report

My weight on Monday was 210.2 lbs which equals Saturday weight and is up 0.8 lbs from last Monday. Layne has increased my fat intake by 2 grams a day for the week and I have paid Layne for my … Read More

Week 13 Lean Gain Phase

This week saw a jump in weight of one pound going from 209.2 lbs last Saturday to 210.2 lbs today. I was able to get through my workout today which was the one I ended up developing tennis elbow on … Read More

This Weeks Coach Report

Today marks a very special day for me. May 28th 2011 was the first day I started working out so its been one year today! A big accomplishment for me as I have never worked out more then 3 to … Read More

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