Week 6 Lean Gain Phase

Set a personal record in deadlift of 350 lbs for 5 reps on Tuesday which was impressive considering I have not done any deadlift training for a month. Of course then I had to come home and find out my coach set a personal record himself in deficit deadlifts which is even harder then regular deadlifts. Layne is definitely keeping … Read More

Week 5 Lean Gain Phase

Well another week and I am up another pound to 206.4 lbs so that’s 5.6 lbs gained in 5 weeks. Another killer workout today with increases in weight yet again. Instead of Bent Over Lateral Raises I tried Jim Cordova’s Dumbbell Rear Delt Row and wow do I feel it! Amazing exercise and one I will be using for rear … Read More

Good Friday!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday this weekend. My gym is closed today and we are going out of town to spend the day with family. Yesterday I had a great workout and then went and helped a friend move. Was very tired when I got home at 10 pm so decided to allow myself to sleep in for the … Read More

Shoulder Training with Jim Cordova

Jim Cordoava is currently one of the top fitness models as well as a world ranked drug free bodybuilder. Simply put his physique is sick! 🙂 Jim reveals how he trains his shoulders in this great video. Enjoy!

End of the week

Well I completed my ab and HIIT cardio today and posted up pictures as promised. I still don’t feel like I have the physique of a bodybuilder yet but its a work in progress. I sure hope I get to the point where I do feel like one before walking out on stage in October. 🙂 I have had a … Read More


Ever wonder what its like to compete at the Professional level in Natural Bodybuilding? Dr. Layne Norton’s RELOADED DVD chronicles his journey back to the stage after a 4 year lay off to finish his PhD in Nutritional Sciences. A very inspiring and heart felt documentary from my coach Dr. Layne Norton. If you are interested you can now order … Read More

Week 4 Lean Gain Phase

Another great week as my strength continues to increase. My weight is up to 205.4 lbs another 0.6 lbs gain for the week. I am beginning to notice a trend here. Week 1 + 2.6 lbs Week 2 + 0.6 lbs Week 3 + 0.8 lbs Week 4 + 0.6 lbs Total + 4.6 lbs I was getting a bit … Read More

The scale don’t lie or does it?

Well I weighed 204.8 lbs on Saturday an increase of 0.8 lbs from the previous week however my weight from Monday to Monday was 206 lbs to 203.8 lbs, a 2.2 lbs loss. So did I gain weight or lose weight? Layne has increased my carbs by 10 grams a day as a result. I must admit I have not … Read More

Week 3 Lean Gain Phase

Well so much for thinking I would not gain any weight this week. I am up to 204.8 lbs this morning so an increase of .8 lbs. It’s a bit surprising that my metabolism has not been increasing as much as I thought it would. Having my weight increase at under a pound a week ensures I am gaining muscle … Read More

Midweek update

OK so Layne decided no change in macro’s this week. Weight continues to fluctuate going as high as 206 lbs but back down to 204 lbs this morning. I have a feeling I might not gain anything this week which would indicate my metabolism has increased. Shoulder is doing good however there is still times when it aches so seem … Read More

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