Week 2 Lean Gain Phase

OK so week 2 is done and as previously stated Layne Norton has now taken over my training and nutrition last week. Really liking the new routine which is focused on trying to bring up my chest and arms over the coming months. Diet has been kept the same as I had it set for the first week which is … Read More

Party Time!

Ok so the guys at work have been bugging me to go out and have a drink with them after work. I am a manager in I.T. and I think its great to hang out with the team from time to time, however with how much dieting I have been doing lately I won’t give in to temptation. Coming off … Read More

Growth Hormone

In bodybuilding a lot of people think growth hormone is the holy grail of muscle mass. However does it really hold up when you look at the science? Check out this great article by Dr. Layne Norton called Growth Hormone: Great Expectations.

First Chest and Back Hypertrophy Workout

Well today was a great workout.  Loving the new routine.  Shoulder felt great with no pain during the workout and over all the best its felt since I injured it.  Right now its a tad sore and I am going to ice it and take some ibuprofen but feeling really good!  

HIIT Layne Norton Style

So tonight I did HIIT training Layne Norton style. For those of you who are unaware HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and its not for the weak at heart. No walking at a decent pace while watching TV or reading a magazine, this is all out go for broke or till you puke effort followed by a recovery … Read More

It’s Official!

I have been waiting what for what seems like forever to start working with Dr. Layne Norton. I was suppose to start April 1st and was wondering how I was going to last that long when last night I get an email from Layne with my nutrition and workout plans! It was my choice to start now or hold off … Read More

Today is an off day!

OK well not really. Yes its an off day from my 5 day split weight training however I will still be going into the gym and working abs and doing some HIIT cardio. Something tells me that between now and my contest there will not be many if any off days where I do nothing. By doing some cardio on … Read More

Week 1 Lean Gain Phase

A lot of diets focus on what you have to do to lose the weight but don’t tell you what to once you have achieved your goal. The longer you diet the slower your metabolism becomes. Going back to eating what you did when you first started dieting is a sure fire way to just re-add fat that you just … Read More

3D Muscle Journey Q&A

Here is a great video question and answer session with Eric Helms and Alberto Nunez with Brad Loomis as camera man. Some really great stuff!

I am my own worse enemy

Part of the reason I feel that I have been able to get the results I have so far is my ability to push myself. Every time I step in the gym I want to beat my previous workout by either doing more reps or more weight then last time. While this definitely is a plus it can also be … Read More

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