End of the week

Well I completed my ab and HIIT cardio today and posted up pictures as promised. I still don’t feel like I have the physique of a bodybuilder yet but its a work in progress. I sure hope I get to … Read More


Ever wonder what its like to compete at the Professional level in Natural Bodybuilding? Dr. Layne Norton’s RELOADED DVD chronicles his journey back to the stage after a 4 year lay off to finish his PhD in Nutritional Sciences. A … Read More

Week 4 Lean Gain Phase

Another great week as my strength continues to increase. My weight is up to 205.4 lbs another 0.6 lbs gain for the week. I am beginning to notice a trend here. Week 1 + 2.6 lbs Week 2 + 0.6 … Read More

The scale don’t lie or does it?

Well I weighed 204.8 lbs on Saturday an increase of 0.8 lbs from the previous week however my weight from Monday to Monday was 206 lbs to 203.8 lbs, a 2.2 lbs loss. So did I gain weight or lose … Read More

Week 3 Lean Gain Phase

Well so much for thinking I would not gain any weight this week. I am up to 204.8 lbs this morning so an increase of .8 lbs. It’s a bit surprising that my metabolism has not been increasing as much … Read More

Midweek update

OK so Layne decided no change in macro’s this week. Weight continues to fluctuate going as high as 206 lbs but back down to 204 lbs this morning. I have a feeling I might not gain anything this week which … Read More

Week 2 Lean Gain Phase

OK so week 2 is done and as previously stated Layne Norton has now taken over my training and nutrition last week. Really liking the new routine which is focused on trying to bring up my chest and arms over … Read More

Party Time!

Ok so the guys at work have been bugging me to go out and have a drink with them after work. I am a manager in I.T. and I think its great to hang out with the team from time … Read More

Growth Hormone

In bodybuilding a lot of people think growth hormone is the holy grail of muscle mass. However does it really hold up when you look at the science? Check out this great article by Dr. Layne Norton called Growth Hormone: … Read More

First Chest and Back Hypertrophy Workout

Well today was a great workout.  Loving the new routine.  Shoulder felt great with no pain during the workout and over all the best its felt since I injured it.  Right now its a tad sore and I am going … Read More

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