Party Time!

Ok so the guys at work have been bugging me to go out and have a drink with them after work. I am a manager in I.T. and I think its great to hang out with the team from time to time, however with how much dieting I have been doing lately I won’t give in to temptation. Coming off my last cut I agreed to go out one Friday night before starting my training with Layne Norton. Well as things turned out I ended up starting training with Layne prior to when I had originally planned. I left work early and did my leg workout for the day and still went out tonight as planned. We ended up going to Hooters and had a great time hanging out and having some beers and even a shot of tequila.

Was this optimal for my training and my goals? No it definitely was not, but you know what? It was definitely optimal for my mental well being and bonding with my fellow teammates. So as long as you are being true to your goals when it matters it’s OK to let you hair down every now and then and have a good time. Sometimes its good to relax and be one of the guys or gals every now and then.
Leading a balanced life is just as important as being dedicated to your training.

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