Physiological Changes During A Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep

Interesting article over at FitOverFat with a science based review of the physiological changes to natural bodybuilders during contest prep. Check it out!

Natural bodybuilding is becoming an increasingly popular sport. When I started competing 10yrs ago, large natural pro qualifiers had around 50 competitors. These days basically every natural pro-qualifier has 100+ competitors, some as high as 200-300+. However, despite the popularity of the sport, very little research has been done on physiological changes that occur in natural bodybuilders using a more modern science-based approach to the sport. We all know from experience that during contest prep we generally eat less food, do more cardio, and feel tired, hungry and downright miserable at times. In addition, it is not uncommon to lose some performance in the gym and some muscle mass along the way. However, what is really going on during contest prep? The purpose of this article will be to summarize research on physiological changes during bodybuilding contest prep, with focus on 2 recent case studies following natural pro bodybuilders during contest prep.

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  • Hey VG,

    This is a really interesting article!
    Just goes to show how much modern science can have a beneficial affect on outcomes, especially where nutrition and diet are concerned.
    The way to go has always been slow and gradual but it’s surprising how many people try to short cut the process! This article also shows how much dammar can be done o your physical and mental well being if you get it all wrong.

    By the way you are posting up some really interesting pieces recently, just like the old days.
    I’m really keen to learn more about/get a discussion going on Periodisation Training if you have any ideas.

    Cheers, keep up the good work, Graham.

    • Thanks Graham! I am glad you are enjoying some of the articles, I am trying to post at least one article a day. speaking of periodization I think you will like my most recent post. Enjoy!

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