Nov 102014

Part two in this series by Brian Minor over at Juggernaut. I have to say I am really enjoying and learning lots from this series and looking forward to more from Brian.

In Part 1 we discussed some of the pros and cons for physique athletes building the foundation of their programming around the “Big 3,” and for some, competing in the sport of powerlifting.

Many of the recommendations within this article series will be built upon the foundational principle of managing and progressing training volume long term. Therefore, it’s important to understand its role in stimulating training adaptations. However, before we can discuss the role of training volume, let’s define what it is, and what other variables contribute to it.


What is training volume? In its simplest form, volume is simply the amount of total work completed. This can be quantified within a set, an exercise, a training session, a mesocycle, a macrocyle, etc.

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