Aug 162014

Another great article from Gabriel Naspinski & EliteFTS!

When people think of exercise selection and program modification, many will default to changing the entire exercise. While this is one method of modification, there are some issues with this method. For one, many athletes or lifters have no business constantly switching the exercise because, in many cases, they are not performing the movements with enough efficiency to warrant new movements. It really doesn’t make much sense to change the exercise and throw in something new only to perform another exercise incorrectly.

Another consideration to make is that changing the tempo at which an exercise is performed can alter the training effect of a movement. In addition, this is a smart choice to help teach movements in pieces and to help correct technical errors—not to mention the positive benefits of emphasizing yielding or isometric contractions at various points in the movement. With this in mind, the exercise can serve multiple purposes while still contributing to technical efficiency and motor learning.

This article will take a look at this idea. While no exact training programs will be listed, guidelines for using this consideration will be provided in sample weeks.

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