biolayneNew article from Layne Norton over at his website explaining how protein is not just for adding muscle but is a valuable tool in getting shredded.

proteinIf you ask any serious bodybuilder or physique enthusiast what the most important macronutrient is in terms of adding muscle you can bet your left bicep that 99% of them will answer ‘protein.’ Not without good reason, dietary protein has been shown to enhance muscle gains that occur with proper training by creating an anabolic environment via increased protein synthesis and improved nitrogen balance. There are so many articles written on how protein increases muscle gains, they would probably weigh so much if you stacked them together and put them on a barbell eight time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman would have trouble budging them! Yes, the notion that protein can help build muscle is old news. Instead of beating a dead horse, I am going to talk about dietary protein in a capacity that you may not have considered before. I am going to discuss how dietary protein can help shred you. That’s right, dietary protein not only builds T-shirt bursting muscle but also can help melt off unwanted fat. How you ask? Read on my friend, knowledge is power.

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