Reverse Dieting – Is It Best Practice?

This is an interesting facebook post by the newest coach at The Strength Guys which matches my own thoughts on the subject.

I actually wrote my first article about this back in June called “Reverse Dieting or Post Competition Recovery?”. There was some additional comments made over in my contest log over at that expands on my thoughts.

To quote my coach Alberto Nunez “I really wish more people had a similar mindset to yours. A more moderate level headed approach is what yields the most extreme results in the long run, all too often people don’t want to hear or believe that.”

Seems with this post from The Strength Guys that others are starting to question the validity of staying extremely lean post competition using reverse dieting.

This is going to be a post about bodybuilders: those guys who, in the words of Jim Gaffigan, “look so muscular people are afraid to tell them it looks weird”. Historically, bodybuilders have shown a strong default tendency towards extremism. Let’s have a look at one instance of such extremism unfolding presently. As competitive seasons draw to a close and competitors are hanging up their posing suits, many are left wondering where to go from here. Many find themselves torn between the antiquated “dirty bulk” approach and the nuanced “reverse dieting” method that is rapidly gaining popularity and adherents. In stark contrast with the former, characterized by complete removal of any dietary constraint, the latter prescribes a highly regimented, slow and controlled increase in caloric intake with the goal of limiting fat gain in the post contest period. The question we are going to be looking at is; are either of these methods supported by evidence? And are these the only two alternatives at our disposal?

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