Jun 162017

So back in the summer of 2014 I participated in my first ever Spartan Race and my daughter Grace and my wife Chris came to watch and cheer. Since then my daughter has wanted us to do one of these races together. So this week we are watching the new season of American Ninja Warrior, which is one one of my favorite shows, and my daughter says “man I sure would love to do an obstacle course race this summer.” This caused me to remember my promise that one day we would complete one of these together so I said “Okay pick one!”

So she did and we are now registered as Team “It’s a Lester Thing” for the Rugged Maniac race in Calgary on July 29th! So we now have 6 weeks to up our cardio and get ready for this event. I figure this will help with my cut and be a lot of fun. Doing it with my daughter and keeping my promise from 2014 is icing on the cake. It’s things like this that add a bit of variety into your training, gives you a short term goal to focus on and allows you to have fun and share your fitness lifestyle with family and friends. If anyone is interested in joining us you are more then welcome to. We are running in the 12:15 pm heat. You can register here. If you can’t make this event I encourage you to find another one and challenge yourself and have a blast doing it!

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  1. So the team is up to 4 now, Nicole, Natasha, Grace and myself. Nicole and Natasha are my nieces and we are all Lester’s. So excited to share this experience with them! 🙂

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