Sleep Science: Hitting the Snooze Bar

Sleep is often an overlooked area when it comes to bodybuilding and maximizing gains. Jonathan Mike posted an excellent article covering sleep, how to improve it and even your gains. Check it out!

In a previous article, we discussed some sleep basics. We covered the importance and impact of sleep on recovery and training, the consequences of sleep deprivation, and the major components involved in sleep loss. You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging with just that, did you? Of course not!

In this part, we’ll explore the many ways that we sleep-deprived elitefts™ citizens can improve sleep and maintain, and even increase, swoleness. Let’s dive deeper into sleep, science, and swoleness!

Nap time!

Who doesn’t love naps? Any hard training athlete will benefit tremendously from taking a nap, particularly if a training session is scheduled for the afternoon or evening. The benefit of a brief (5–15 minutes) nap is almost immediate after the nap and lasts a limited period [1–3 hours (12)].

There are a few factors that affect the benefits of naps, including the circadian timing of the nap, with early afternoon the most optimal time for the nap. Longer periods of prior wakefulness support longer naps over brief naps. Individuals who take a regular siesta (Spanish for nap) seem to show greater benefits than those who rarely nap (4, 12). How do we know this?

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