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Social media has grown to invade every aspect of our lives. Social media has given publishing platforms to the masses. On the good side, this gives everyone the opportunity to get their message out. On the bad side, this gives everyone the opportunity to get their message out.

I primarily use social media to follow key people in the fitness industry. Thus I look at social media as a tool to keep up to date on fitness related information. I also use social media to follow family and friends as I want to keep up with what is going on in their lives. If I follow you I don’t want to miss anything you post. Thus the number of people I follow on social media is very small. I am currently following 76 people on Instagram and I find it challenging to keep up.

I can’t image how people keep up with following hundreds and even thousands of people. In fact I am going to guess unless its their full time job they are not keeping up and instead are just using the platform to try and reach more people with their message. Problem is if everyone else is doing the same thing then is anyone really hearing your message? Almost daily I get follows from people out of the blue and when I don’t follow back in a couple day they stop following me. This seems to be the way to grow your social network. I will follow you if you follow me. In other words throw enough mud on the wall and some will stick.

Looking to become a sponsored athlete in the fitness industry? One of the things they look at is the number of followers you have. If people are following you because they have a genuine interest, that’s great. I call that growing your following organically and its the way I prefer to use social media. By choosing this way I will probably never have any kind of a social media following and I am okay with that.

A business or a brand I can see that as a goal but for the average person I really don’t see the point? I guess many are looking at becoming famous or trying to make money from their hobby. The number of people who will be successful at this will be super small, especially if they are doing the same thing as everyone else. Curious what your thoughts are on social media?

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  • Hi Dean,

    I agree with you really. I don’t have a lot of time for social media for the same reasons as you and also because of the risk of the unscrupulous people always trying to glean and use personal information from people so as to defraud them with spoof emails etc. I must admit I use the Internet a lot to do my work with schools, whether that be for research or for communication via email (mainly).
    You also need to sift through the junk sometimes but having said that, it can also be a wonderful tool to find out information and bring like minded people together.

    Keep up the good work. 🏋🏼

    • Good point on the privacy thing. I know I have been told at times I put to much of myself out on the net but I think its a matter of people doing what is comfortable for them. Working in IT I use the internet to research problems and thus use it to research bodybuilding as well. I think this helped me learn to sift through the noise and get to information that I can trust for IT or natural bodybuilding. I know many who have not been as fortunate and ended up working with bad coaches and information.

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