Dec 132015

Good article and video by Ross Enamait of Ross Training on how soreness should never be the goal when training. I know I have been guilty of thinking if I am sore after a particular workout that it meant it was a good one. (Old habits die hard)

progress_trainingNo pain, no gain is perhaps the most common exercise mantra. As a result, countless athletes equate post workout soreness to a beneficial training session. Therefore, many believe that a lack of soreness indicates a lack of effort. Unfortunately, that assumption could not be further from the truth. Soreness doesn’t indicate progress, thus should not be viewed as a goal. True progress is measurable. It is easily tracked and observed in action.

Soreness Does Not Indicate Progress

Speaking as a coach, I am not paid to develop sore athletes. My job is to improve their performance. The presence of soreness is irrelevant. As discussed below, no one cares how the athlete feels. What ultimately matters is how the athlete performs. [ Read More ]

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