Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is a dirty word in my house right now. Yesterday I went to the gym and had to stop my workout due to pain in my right elbow / forearm. Its bad, real bad. 🙁 Anything I do including typing this is causing pain. I had no previous indication that there was any problems prior to the injury. The frustrating part for me is that this injury is going to make training upper body pretty much impossible so I need to get this healed as quickly as possible or its going to cause me to miss my show in Oct. I figure I have 2 weeks max to get back to 100% to still be able to recover and get back on track as anything more I will start losing to much muscle and won’t have a chance to gain it back prior to starting my contest diet so its a very small window to work with.

Layne did a hour long interview for which is really good and thought I would share. This is great for anyone looking to put on more muscle but especially the people who feel they are hard gainers. Some really great information!

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  • Sorry to hear about the elbow. Sometimes it seems we are held together with nothing more than cellotape and blutack. Great video though, i watched it right the way through.

  • Sorry to hear about your injury, I know the feeling as I had to abort my legs/shoulder w/o today as my back gave way on squats and then lunges.

    Tennis elbow can be attributed to grip problems. This can sometimes be overcome by altering grip or gripping a different size/diameter of bar/handle and even using straps and hooks so you don’t have to grip the bar so tightly which aggrevates the problem. Although we all know that at the end of the day the right kind of rehabilitation training coupled with sufficient rest is the real answer, oh and don’t forget the ice!
    Just remember sometimes “less really is more” so rest up!
    Kind regards, Graham

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