The Best Hamstring Exercise Just Got Better!

I came across this really great article on the Romanian Deadlift by Andrew Heming over at his site “Your Athletic Body Blog” One of my goals this offseason is to bring up my hamstrings and I had been doing romanian deadlifts and tweaked my lower back /upper glute doing them so stopped performing this exercise. Now after reading this article I realize I was using incorrect form and probably to much weight. Going to have to try this again using proper form.

When people talk about muscles it seems to always be the mirror muscles. It seems that everyone wants to focus on pecs, biceps and abs. Any lower body work was traditionally quad focused. Now the glutes seem to get all the attention. Hamstrings just don’t get the love they deserve! That’s too bad because if you are serious about your lower body aesthetics, your athletic performance or your knee health, you need to give your hammies some serious TLC. While there are a handful of great hamstring exercises, my all-time favorite is the Romanian Deadlift. And, with this new tweak, we are going to take hamstring training to a whole new level!

The Romanian Deadlift Breakthrough

As a gym newbie back in the machine era of the 90’s, I wandered into my high school weight room with no idea what I was doing. As with any teenage guy, legs naturally weren’t the focus. However, I did some shamefully high squats, leg presses and the only hamstring exercise I knew – leg curls. You won’t be at all surprised to learn that this inferior leg routine left my legs painfully skinny and profoundly weak.

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