The Calorie Myth – Why Jonathan Bailor is Wrong

Last night I came across the following YouTube video which had me floored that there are people who still believe and promote this crap as fact. Does the macronutrient content of those calories matter with regard to body composition? They most certainly do however the total calorie count of those macronutrients still matter. I and many other bodybuilders have gotten to extremely low body fat levels eating foods he says would prevent us from doing so.

UPDATE July 1, 2014: The video in question had been posted on the Quest Nutrition YouTube Channel and has since been removed by Quest in response to the outcry from people who actually have a clue when it comes to nutrition and science. Not only did they remove this one video but they removed several others by Bailor they had been posting as a series. Glad to see Quest do the right thing here. The following is the posting from Quest on removing the video from their Facebook page. Cheers to Alan Aragon who really went after these guys and held their feet to the fire. Science 1 – BS 0

There are some great responses in the comment section but here are some quality ones that I enjoyed and are 100% on the mark.

Last but not least let me link you to a couple of great articles. The first is by Armi Legge of Evidence Magazine that does a great job of explaining why calories do count.

11 Reasons People Think Calories Don’t Count — And Why They’re Wrong

The second is by Christian Finn of Muscle Evo on why sugar is not the devil its been made out to be.

The Surprising Truth about Sugar and Weight Loss

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  • Their have been more and more studies showing weight gain using fish with out eating any calories. The fish gain weight being injected with cortisol, or have an insulinoma. Interesting findings are starting to come out. Also how those who worked manual labor on the concentration camp and were fed almost the same diet as sedentary people in the camps gained close to 50 pounds.

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