Mar 022016

body_recomposition Great article by Lyle McDonald at his site Body Recomposition. When I first started on my journey in getting into shape the very first book I bought was The Ultimate Diet 2.0. Lyle’s site has tons of great science based information on training and diet which I encourage people to check out. Here is his latest article on hypertrophy.

The Hypertrophy Zone

It was the mid 90’s, I was a fresh-faced college graduate with a BS in kinesiology (ok, technically physiological sciences but they changed the name in my junior year) and therefore thought (no, KNEW) that I knew everything there was to know about everything. Hahahahaha.

At some point, I would go to take the USWF Olympic Lifting Level 1 Certification. Two oddities stand out from that. First was that the guy teaching it told me that his son had studied piano with my mother; and here I was, the son of two musicians taking a training certification. I have no idea what that means but it must mean something.

The second point, that is actually relevant was that Wes Barnett (then one of the US’s top lifters and hopefuls) was there to demonstrate. He was a big dude and I asked the coaches what he did for muscle growth. They told me that he would just do lots of sets of 5. This, of course, blew my all-knowing mind, I knew that the hypertrophy zone was higher than that. How could sets of 5 get it done? Clearly there was more to the topic than I then understood.

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