biolayne Great article by Cliff Wilson over at Biolayne’s website on is there really a way to spot a fake natural?


Is there really a way to spot a fake natural?

At some point in our lifting career we’ve all been there. You bust your ass in the gym, your nutrition is spot on, and your methods are optimal in almost every way imaginable. Yet, along comes someone that seems to do almost everything wrong and still dwarfs you. They are bigger, they are leaner, they are stronger, and they have only been training half the amount of time that you have. How can this be? There is only one logical explanation…they must be on drugs.

The Self Appointed Jury

The natty witch-hunt seems to be in full effect on the internet these days. Everyone wants to know exactly who is or is not on drugs. Post a picture of an amazing physique and the internet will be sure to interject its thoughts. “This person is definitely on drugs”, cry the self-appointed jurors of natty status.
The problem is that many of these people speak with such certainty about whether or not someone is natural. They have their minds made up and cannot be convinced otherwise because they believe they have the “proof”. Let’s take a look at some of the problems with trying to determine someone’s natural status based on some common arguments shall we?

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  • A very interesting article on a subject that crosses all our minds at times.
    I remember talking to someone who was going to compete in a ‘so called’ Natural show here in the uk. He said he would be taking steroids as all the competitors were also doing the same. He said he would come off them early enough to be clean if tested.
    So I guess there will always be people who are insecure in what they are doing and unable to be true the sport but more importantly, true to themselves.

    By the way the young 21 year old black guy looks really good and at such a young age and with so little lifting behind him. What it must be like to have those great genetics!

    Graham. (((——)))

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