Nov 172015

Great Instagram post by Neil Tkatchuk that says it all. Great to see Neil and his wife Erika making their dreams come true while helping others achieve their own.

The crazy thing about life is that you have the power to become and create anything you want. 12 years ago I didn't have a clue how to pick up a weight, how to build muscle, or even the slightest idea about the huge role nutrition plays in this process. 5 years ago Trench Fitness didn't even exist. It was created from nothing. It was created to educate and inspire others in their own pursuits of health & fitness. We now have hundreds of clients and members all working towards their individual goals while supporting others in their own pursuit. I often step back and think about how awesome life really is. It is tough not to be grateful everyday when the work you do was only a dream in the past. Let your own self-belief be the driving force in your life. If you truly believe in your mission and are willing to work until it becomes a reality, the universe will have no choice but to make it come true. #work #passion #gym #lifestyle #fitness #yeswehavememberships #teamtrench #trenchfamous #yqr #regina #sk #success #neverquit #inspire #motivation #health #nutrition #diet

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