Apr 242016

OutworkI am currently in a weight loss phase as I work towards getting back to a level of muscularity and conditioning that I had prior to when I stopped training at the end of 2014. Dieting can be challenging especially when it seems like every day there is temptation to eat something that is not part of your diet for the day. To help you with this I thought I would share something that has helped me a lot with saying no to these temptations.

I am one of those people who sets their diet up so I eat the same thing for each meal every day. I find this easier to do as it ensures I am consistently hitting my macros for each meal as well as the entire day. I remember one time all the managers were taken out for lunch by the President of the company to celebrate us hitting our targets for the year. I sat there and drank water while everyone else chowed down. The Vice President was so impressed that I was able to do that as he had never seen anyone do something like that before.

power_of_wordsOne of the things that I have done to help with being able to do this consistently is in the words I use. Most people would say I can’t eat lunch and to me the words “I can’t” is very dis-empowering. To me the words “I can’t” makes me feel like I am a victim and things are out of my control.

Instead I use the words “I choose” as I find this to be empowering and reaffirms I am in control. “I choose” not to eat that treat as it does not align with my current goal of losing weight. “I choose” my long term goal over short term gratification.

So the next time you’re tempted to eat something that is not in alignment with your goals try saying “I choose” instead of “I can’t.”

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