Mar 272012

Well I weighed 204.8 lbs on Saturday an increase of 0.8 lbs from the previous week however my weight from Monday to Monday was 206 lbs to 203.8 lbs, a 2.2 lbs loss. So did I gain weight or lose weight?

Layne has increased my carbs by 10 grams a day as a result. I must admit I have not seen my weight jump around this much in the past, usually its pretty steady and consistent. Both upper and lower power days this week continue to see increases in weight across the board and my muscles to seem to be getting bigger and fuller.

  2 Responses to “The scale don’t lie or does it?”

  1. Why is it that what ever happens to you seems to happen to me as well. My weight has been jumping about like a jack rabbit all week ha. ha ha

  2. Its because we are warriors! 8)

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