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Today I weighed 209.4 lbs up one pound from last week. Layne is upping my fat intake by 3g for this coming week so my new macro’s are Protein 294g. Carbs 366g, Fat 66g.

Yesterday I reported I was suffering from tennis elbow and the pain yesterday morning was so bad I honestly did not have much hope of being able to recover in time to be able to do my competition. I am happy to report I have been able to make considerable progress since then. Applying heat brings lots of blood to the area and relieves the pain and I was able to do some simple exercises like making a fist and then rotating my wrist. After this short exercise I would then message and then ice the elbow and forearm. I did this 4 or 5 times yesterday and each time it got a bit better. This morning I woke up with no pain and even managed to do a lot of the activity that had caused pain the day before. I have also gone out and bought some elbow sleeves to wear when I workout. This should ensure the muscle and tendons get warm and stay warm. I still get pain here and there but its remarkable how much I have been able to recover in just 24 hours. At this rate I am confident I should be back to 100% by next week.

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  • Hi VG,

    Good to hear your Tennis Elbow condition is getting better.
    As I said before TE can be attributed to grip and the diameter of what you are gripping and how tight you are gripping the item. I have known people to have this and change the size/diameter of the racket shaft to help to alleviate the problem.
    I had a friend who had this problem and purchased a strap that went around the arm tightly to compress the area where the pain was and had a lot of success with this support. The problem is the tendon and attachment to the muscle and bone.
    below is a link to a website that has info’ on this condition.

    Good luck! Graham.

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