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Today marks a very special day for me. May 28th 2011 was the first day I started working out so its been one year today! A big accomplishment for me as I have never worked out more then 3 to 4 months in a row before. I think its safe to say I am hooked at this point. 🙂 This morning I weighed in at 209.4 lbs so no change since last Monday. Layne has upped my carbs by another 10g a day for this week. I was able to make it through my workout as my arm held up but it was definitely sore after and I have been alternating ice and heat all night along with taking an anti-inflammatory. I can handle working through this as long as its getting better over time and not worse. I really want this bad and I am so close to starting my contest prep with the best coach in the world. Walking on the stage in October will be the ultimate reward and a dream come true and I am determined to get there!

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  • Happy birthday! VG.

    You’ve done really well to get this far and make the progress you have in such a short space of time with reletively few injuries and set-backs.

    As for your TE have you thought about changing you grip by moving from DBs to BBs for as many exercises as possible. Maybe even using the suicide grip (underhand cupped grip) BB bench press and overhead pressing etc.

    Can you post some typical days nutrition/diet so we can see what you are eating on a typical day and and how you up the carb’s for eg. by 10g.
    I myself don’t count my calories or macros. I just adjust them up and down as I feel I need to change them by emmitting or putting in different foods/portions to either lose a little fat or try and gain a little weight. The reason for this is trying to fit in with eating with the family where possible. When it comes to breakfast and lunch I preety much eat different food but the evening meals when I’m home are joint meals. My body weight is fairly stable at 75-78kg. Last year October I went down to 72/73Kg and was pretty ripped but I looked to gaunt and thin in the face so I’ve upped my weight and size and am aiming to get low BF at say 77/78kg and see what happens from there.

    Regards, Graham

    • I have been doing BB Press and it felt fine. I was not until I did Rack pulls which is pulling myself up while hanging under a supended BB.that it really started to bother me I have recovered pretty good today so I think things are going to be ok.and I will just need a bit of time to get back to 100%.

      When I add carbs its from oatmeal, sweet potatoes, baked lay chips. whole wheat bread, yogurt, fruit, etc. Its just a matter of weighing out my food. My diet is the same every day so providing you with one would tel you what I eat all the time and since Layne designed my plan I can’t get into details other then tell you my macro’s. The reason for tracking is so Layne knows exactly what my macro’s are and how I have reacted to them so he has a much better idea of how my bodies metabolism works so the cut will be that much more effective when we start.

      • VG.
        When doing rack pulls or chins do you use a ‘cupped hand’ grip or do you curl your thumb round the bar? because it is gripping tightly that quite often aggravates TE. That’s why changing diameter of of racket shaft helps tennis players to combat TE. When I do my chins it’s from a angled chinning bar with my grip overhand cupped style on the angle (to eleviate strain on the wrist). This means it takes the strain off my forearms.

        Diet; I understand your predicament. I just find it interesting to see what other people eat and the amounts.
        For me today, 5:30am 1 scoop protein powder in water + a banana. 6:00am train. 07:15am B/fast = 4 eggs scrambled + 2 slices whole meal bread with peanut butter + 1 scoop protein powder in water. 12:30pm Lunch = Large Pork Chop casseroled with 1.5 cups of mixed veg; cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, chilli stock cube. 3:00pm = handful of mixed raw nuts. Dinner 6:00pm = 2 x Chicken breast with cheese and bacon sauce + chips, breaded mushrooms, battered onion rings, tomatoes.
        Supplements: 3000mg Omega3 capsules, 7g Creatine, Vit D/Calcium tablet.
        The protein powder with water is a new thing this week . I usually mix it with milk but in trying to cut out the Lactose/Carb’s I’m trying it with water.

        Regards, Graham

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