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Ok so my Monday weight for Layne was 208.4 up 1.4 lbs from last Monday. It maybe due to me being sick last week but Layne thinks I am looking a bit softer in the latest pictures so no changes for this week as Layne wants to play it safe and see how things go this week before making any adjustments to macros.

Set a new PR Monday on flat bench. Up until now I have been using dumbbells but my gym only goes up to 100 lbs so in order to up the weight I had to change to barbell. I was able to do 245 lbs for 5 which made me extremely happy. I am pushing as hard as I can to gain as much muscle as possible before we start my cut. I think that’s what I love the most about bodybuilding, the challenge to do better then the last time and to push the envelope of what’s possible.

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  • I’m only back being able to do barbell bech press about 2 weeks after 6 months of not being able to them at all because of a sholder injury. During that time i coudn’t even do flat dumbbell bench and had to do them all at an incline. It’s great being able to bench again with the old bar and flat bench. I’m currently doing 220lb for sets of 8 to 10 and loving it. Although i still do a couple of sets of incline DB press as well, i kinda grew to love them and you such a better range of mothing with the DB as well.

    Speaking on injuries, my knee still isn’t right and i haven’t been able to do squats for 6 weeks now. I’m been mucking about with leg presses at different angles and foot placments trying to find one that works well for me and doesn’t bother the knee but i just wasn’t getting the right kind of feeling in the quads i was looking for. Then the other day i was demonstrating the squat thrust to some one in the gym, there was a 60kg bar on the rack and so i grabbed it just to show the guy what i was talking about and i noticed that with the bar held in my hands across the chest there was no pain in the knees as i squated down and i could really feel my Quads kicking in. I have always hated the traditional front squat, finding the bar laying across the arms very uncomfortable but with the weight in my hands in the shoulder press position i was very comfortable indeed. I decided to add this variation to my leg day this week and it worked out perfectly. I have had DOMS in my quads for three days. So until the knee heals fully i now have a quad blasting exercise i really happy with and a new exercise to add to my routines when ever i like into the future. The great thing about injuries is that they can force you to look at training in ways you don’t normally look at and so broaden your training styles.

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