To Train Or Not To Train?

When to train, when not to train? Everyone has an opinion and to many it can be confusing to know when to push though and when to back off. Your age, training experience and external life stresses can all impact your ability to train and recover. You hear people say learn to listen to your body but what does that mean?

I wish I had an easy answer. This is still something I am trying to figure out myself. I do think it becomes more intuitive the longer you have been in the iron game. Realizing as a natural bodybuilder its going to take years if not decades to maximize your potential should help put things in perspective. Your goal should be long term, sustainable progress trying to avoid injury. Missing a training session here or there is not going to hurt you long term versus pushing to hard and getting injured.

I have had days where I did not feel like training and still went. Some of those turned into my best training sessions. Other times is been the exact opposite, I knew if I kept going I was just going to hurt myself so I stopped. Then there are other days where its a no go right from the start. I approach it like when you wake up in the morning and are not feeling that great. You make the call if your up to going into work or not. Same thing with going to the gym, you ultimately know if you are up to it or not.

If its happening to often then you probably need to look at adjusting your training program. Chances are if you are not recovering enough its going to start impacting your performance and health. It may be a training program that has been working great but suddenly is to much due to work stress ramping up. So the smart move might be to dial back on the training until things improve. If you have been dieting perhaps you need to take a diet break? Bringing up food for a bit can help with recovery so you can maintain your performance in the gym. As you can see there are many factors involved so there is no one answer and why people say listen to your body.

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