Training Music

Do you listen to music when you train? Do you think it helps you perform better? I know for myself it certainly helps but it can’t be just any kind of music.

If I listened to my favorite radio station I had okay training sessions but often struggled. I started to listening to a self selected music track and my training has been so much better.

It made me wonder, is there something to this? I know that certain music can create strong emotions. Listening to the theme from “Rocky” get’s me fired up to go kick some butt! So I think selecting music that gets you fired up helps.

The track I listen to is the same one over and over again and it got me thinking is there something else going on here? I mean you would think listen to the same music all the time it would lose its effectiveness.

What if the music was conditioning your body to respond in a positive unconscious manner to train hard? Much like the Pavlov experiment where the dogs associated the sound of the bell to eating and would cause them to salivate?

All I know is that for me at least it seems to work like that and seeing how many lift with headphone or earbuds I think its safe to assume that for many they also find the same effect. If you have not tried lifting to your own music selection I would highly suggest giving it a try.

For more in-depth articles on this subject I am linking to a couple of good ones I found on the subject below.

Strength Training: Can Music Improve Your Performance with Weights?


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