Training Through An Injury

I am currently training through my own lower back injury right now. I thought I would share an invaluable video that I came across. This is not for serious injuries like broken bones or torn ligaments. This video is for those dealing with aches and pain while performing certain movements. This is an intelligent way to work through how best to deal with the issue while continuing to train.

Having a strategy on how to assess and modify your training to allow you to heal and keep training is invaluable. Blindly ignoring the pain and making things worse is not a good idea.

The old no pain no gain mentality may make you sound hard core but most likely will lead you to have a very short lifting career. Alternatively stopping training altogether may not be the best solution either. At the end of the day it’s your life and your call. You need to be comfortable with how best to proceed. Every situation is unique but it’s nice to have some guidelines so you can make the best choice for you.

I have worked through many injuries over the past few years without having to stop training. Tennis elbow, bicep sprain, and lower back pain to name a few. Some have been without ever seeing a physical therapist or doctor and some have been a combination of both. In one case the pain was so great I ended up going to emergency the next morning to ensure I had not done something serious. The doctor at the time suspected a full or partial tear of my bicep tendon, thankfully that turned out not to be the case. After some active release therapy from my chiropractor I was back in the gym training biceps again.

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    • Not sure what exercise you are referring to as the video was more of how to address pain and finding exercises you can do that do not cause pain while you heal up. I you have seen a PT or other professional who has assessed your particular injury and advised that you do exercise after your workout then I would follow that advice.

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