Update and Future Plans

So I thought I would give a quick update on how training has been going. To be honest its been going really well, my strength is coming back quickly and the muscle growth as well. I started a cut about 5 weeks ago and I am down to 206 lbs. The goals is to get to 195 or maybe even 190 lbs and then start a nice slow lean gain phase.

One of the reason I have been enjoying my training is that I have been training with a co-worker and its been really great to share some of my knowledge and see him get stronger and excited to train as much as I am. That is why I am very excited for the month of May. In two weeks time I will taking some time off work to renovate the garage and build my own home gym which will be another dream come true. The gym will have a full power rack and dead lifting platform so I can squat, bench and deadlift. In addition to this I plan on getting the Inspire Fitness Function Smith -FT2.

With the bench and leg attachment I will be able to do leg extension and leg curls as well so I will be able to fully train at home. So excited about this! Having my own gym will mean I don’t have to deal with people not putting their weights away, having to work in or do something else because someone else is using the equipment. I can play my own tunes, dress how I want. It will also make it so much easier to get training footage to share on my blog and YouTube channel.

Another thing this will do is provide my entire family and friends a place to come train for free anytime they want and I can help them with technique, a spot, or whatever they need to help achieve their fitness goals and dreams. Being able to share this with them and hopefully see them get the results they want will be amazing!

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