End Goal: Wanting To Be Jacked

Jacked is what most guys who lift want to be perceived as. Jacked is defined as “a person having very well-developed muscles.”

The other day my wife Chris and I were shopping at Costco and Chris said, “Did you see that couple?” I repsonded, “No why?” She said, “You can tell they are lifters.” Sure enough we saw them a bit later and both were extremely jacked. I said to Chris “Man I would love for someone to think I was jacked. I wonder if that will ever happen?”

Even though I have competed in bodybuilding three times now I have never felt jacked. When I started working with my coach Alberto Nunez again in September of 2017 I told him I have never felt “big.” Like the picture in this post I have always felt small. Perhaps that is one of the reason why I wanted to become a bodybuilder. 

The other day I had to stop and drop of lunch for my daughter Grace at her new job. Grace was not there at the time so I left it with one of her co-workers. Later I found out that her co-worker told Grace he thought I was pretty jacked. In fact he said if it wasn’t for my grey hair he would have thought I was Grace’s older brother. Finding that out made me feel pretty good! It’s nice to have external feedback like that but ultimately it’s how I (we) perceive ourselves that matters most.

Perhaps I have always felt small because I am constantly comparing myself to elite bodybuilders and powerlifters. To the average joe I may be strong and jacked but compared to elite bodybuilders and powerlifters I am small and weak. I am okay with that. I know I will never be the strongest or the biggest. My goal is to be the strongest and the biggest I can be.

At 217 lbs this is the leanest I have ever been at this weight. I do actually feel “big” for the first time since I started lifting weights back in 2011. With 5 more months of gainz ahead I know I will be bring my best physique to the stage in 2020. Constant improvement in one’s self is a worthy goal and a lifelong endeavor and probably why you will never feel as jacked as you think you could be.

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