Week 10 Lean Gain Phase

Well I am pretty much over my cold now and this morning I weighed in at 208.8 lbs so that’s down from last Saturday’s weight but up from Monday’s 207 lbs. I am hoping for an increase of about a half a pound increase this coming Monday. If I can keep gaining a half pound per week I should be about 210 lbs the final Monday before I start my prep.

My chest definitely seems to be growing as are my arms so I am really feeling that I will be in a great spot starting my prep. I want to be competitive as I am not just doing this for the experience. Time will tell how well I do but I feel I have a solid base on which to compete and I am extremely pleased with what I have been able to accomplish with a years worth of solid training. I just need to focus on coming in as ripped as possible and with Layne in my corner I am pretty confident I will nail my prep. I need to take more pictures for Layne so will be posting those up tomorrow.

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Hi VG,

Just out of interest. What is your projected final weight range on contest day? and what is your height?

Good luck!

Kind regards, Graham