Week 11 Lean Gain Phase

This week saw a slight increase from 208.8 lbs last Saturday to 209 lbs this morning. I also started another cycle of DAA for the next month which may help a bit with some body re-composition. With only 4 weeks left until my contest prep starts I am ok with slow increases like this. I think at this point figuring out what my actual maintenance calories are before going into prep is most important. I don’t see the point in adding any more fat and adding a pound or two of muscle is not going to make or break my results. Coming in shredded with what I have is what will give me my best chance at winning.

To prove my point Layne has a client who just won his IFPA Pro Card. He had 5000mg of salt and drank 2 gallons of water on show day, so just goes to show you don’t need to dehydrate yourself to come in peeled on show day but that is going off topic. This guy had to go up against a monster to win the show overall and get his Pro Card so its not always about who has the most muscle! Congratulations William on your awesome win!

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