Week 13 Lean Gain Phase

This week saw a jump in weight of one pound going from 209.2 lbs last Saturday to 210.2 lbs today. I was able to get through my workout today which was the one I ended up developing tennis elbow on two weeks ago. I had to reduce weight on a couple exercises but kept the intensity up by reducing the rest time between sets. I was unable to do hammer curls as this really caused a lot of pain. At this point I am unsure if my arm will get better or not. With only two more weeks before I start my cut and only one week left with Layne on the lean gain phase its time to make a call as I need to pay Layne for the next step which is my contest prep. Even though there is still some doubt I am going to go ahead and commit to contest prep as I am committed to seeing this through and I am not going to stop unless completely forced to.

Tomorrow I will post up the last set of pictures for Layne before my prep starts. I am hoping I look tighter then the last set. I will have a week between Layne completing my lean gain phase and starting prep in which I am probably going to just stick to the previous weeks macros. Danika who workouts out at my gym the same time as I do is competing in her first bodybuilding contest in Red Deer on June 16th so I will be attending to cheer her on and lend support. It’s really been great to have someone else at the gym with the same goals to relate with and we have become friends. The show should provide some motivation to kick things off and I will post some pictures and maybe even some video.

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