Week 14 Lean Gain Phase

Woke up this morning at 211 lbs which is a gain of 0.8 lbs since last Saturday. In 14 weeks I have gained 10.2 lbs so overall I think I have been able to add more muscle while not gaining to much fat. I was able to do hammer curls this workout but I may have pushed it a tad to much. Will have to see how I feel in the next few days to see if I recover quickly or my arms gets worse again. Overall this week has been the best workout since the injury and I am almost at 100% of what I was before. Getting very excited to be finally starting my contest prep next Saturday. Not sure what I am going to do for this coming week as I have not discussed this with Layne. I think I will most likely just keep my macros the same or Layne may have a suggestion.

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  • Hi VG,

    You’re still going well!

    I would be careful with the Hammer curls as they work the Forearms and so the tendon attachment affected by TE too much, because you have to have such a tight grip on the DB’s or bar. This can cause an overuse/strain on the muscle and tendon. I myself would prefer to change to straight or preferably cambered BB curls or even close grip pull-ups with chin as high over the bar as you can. You also get an extra bit of value by working the lower Lat’s as well.
    It would be such a shame to jeopardise all you hard work so far.

    Good luck! Graham

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