Week 2 Lean Gain Phase

OK so week 2 is done and as previously stated Layne Norton has now taken over my training and nutrition last week. Really liking the new routine which is focused on trying to bring up my chest and arms over the coming months. Diet has been kept the same as I had it set for the first week which is Protein 288, Carbs 308, and Fat 49 I think Layne just wants to see how my body responds to the macro’s its on before making any kind of changes up or down. So my previous weight was 203.4 lbs and this week I am 204 lbs so a gain of .6 for the week. I track my progress from Saturday to Saturday but report to Layne on Mondays so will see if anything changes for the coming week.

Normally when I am in a muscle building phase I track all my macro’s except for what I eat for supper so I can eat with the family but Layne wants me to track everything so there is a slight difference in what I estimated I was eating versus what I actually at this week. I had estimated I was eating 2900 calories but this week it was actually 2825 calories so seeing an increase in weight at that level shows my metabolism is still low after the diet. My estimated maintenance calories for 204 lbs and 10% BF is approximately 3362 calories.

My shoulder continues to improve and I would says its at 90% at this point. Today’s workout is Shoulders and Arms so another good test! I plan on posting up the first progress pictures in another 2 weeks.

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  • Looks like everything is going well. As always, it is an encouragement to see where you are. I don’t have plans for a contest but I definitely have been smitten with the workouts and enjoy the challenge of getting in the best shape of my life. So, as I stated in the earlier post my plan is to finish this cycle then bulk for 6 weeks to build muscle mass and then go back on the TSPA diet to lose more fat. So what would you recomment as far as supplements to help me on the bulk? I presently take glutamine, calcium, zinc, magnesium and the whey I get in my post workout shake every day. Also, how much weight/fat should I expect to gain is 6 weeks? Thanks.

    • Hey Georgiaboy,

      For suppliments the ones I would recommend you take are the ones I have listed under suppliments on the left hand side menu. As for how much weight/fat you should expect to gain it would depend on how many calories over maintenace you eat. The first week you will gain a few pounds after that I would try and target a pound or less of weight gain per week.

      • VG, Just an update and then a question. I have been out of the loop a couple of weeks due to working a lot of hours. Haven’t worked out for almost 2 weeks which was a needed rest. During this time I have been off my diet and strangely enough have lost almost 7 pounds in two weeks. My plan has been to start a 6 week bulking phase so now is a good time to do that. My question is this: I asked about the supplements. I am going to do a 6 week bulk and then back to TSPA. So if I do the supplements you recommended, what would the supplement schedule look like as far as what, how much, and when to take them? I guess that is 3 questions. I am going to order the supplements tonight and plan to start the 6 week bulk next week. Thanks for your help, Tom.

        • Hey Tom, you need to come up with a plan that works for you. I can only tell you how I am taking my supplements and hopefully from that you can get an idea of how to implement it for you.

          For protein intake I would go for 1g to 1.5g per pound of body weight. I space my main meals out every 4 to 5 hours and take 1 scoop (8g) BCAA’s 2 to 2.5 hours in between, this is to keep protein synthesis maxed.

          First thing in the morning on an empty stomach I take D-Aspartic Acid 3.12g

          Pre-workout I take 8g BCAA’s as well as 3.2g of Beta –Alanine.

          Post workout I take 12g BCAA’s with another 3.2g Beta –Alanine.

          When I get home from the gym I follow this up with 2scoops of Whey 48g and 5g creatine monohydrate and some complex carbs. This is one of my meals for the day.

          That’s about it. Not super complicated, I hope that helps you out!

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