Week 3 Lean Gain Phase

Well so much for thinking I would not gain any weight this week. I am up to 204.8 lbs this morning so an increase of .8 lbs. It’s a bit surprising that my metabolism has not been increasing as much as I thought it would. Having my weight increase at under a pound a week ensures I am gaining muscle while keeping fat gain to a minimum which is the ultimate goal here. My guess is Layne will say not to make any changes to my diet but we shall see.

Mentally this week has been a bit tough as I am now training with Layne and I am expecting great things and yet it seems I am not changing much if at all. This is a very dangerous time for people because they are putting in the work and watching what they are eating but are not seeing the changes they are expecting and can get discouraged and quit. That is what I have been dealing with this week as the gains and changes will not be as quick as they have been in the past even when training with Layne. I have needed to reset my expectations and focus on my long term goal. Most of the people I compare myself to have been bodybuilding for years so its unrealistic to expect to look even close to that in such a short period of time. I just need to focus on my nutrition, workout with intensity and consistency and I know come June when I start my contest prep I will be further ahead then I am now.

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