Week 4 Lean Gain Phase

Another great week as my strength continues to increase. My weight is up to 205.4 lbs another 0.6 lbs gain for the week. I am beginning to notice a trend here.

Week 1 + 2.6 lbs
Week 2 + 0.6 lbs
Week 3 + 0.8 lbs
Week 4 + 0.6 lbs
Total + 4.6 lbs

I was getting a bit bummed out by the fact my metabolism is not increasing much if at all but since the goal is lean muscle gains which seem to be happening its really hard to complain. Layne had indicated a pound a week was to much so this 0.6 lbs seems to be right were it needs to be and there has been a small increase in calories and with another 2 and a half months to go there is lots of time for my metabolism to increase.

Shoulder is doing really well. I would say 99% now which make me really happy that I have been able to recover. The bump on my right shoulder is still a bit higher then my left, I have a feeling that this is not going to change but who knows.

Tomorrow I will be putting up pictures of all the bodybuilding poses I have to do so I can mark and track my progress. Layne wants pictures every three weeks for now at least. Not sure if this will change once we start my contest prep.

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  • Hey bud, well done so far keep it up. As for the shoulder, mine is exactly the same. It’s been at about 99% now for a long time and the pump is still higer 🙂
    Unfortunetly i wrecked my left knee today, so legs will be out of the equation for a few weeks Bugger 🙁

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