Week 6 Lean Gain Phase

Set a personal record in deadlift of 350 lbs for 5 reps on Tuesday which was impressive considering I have not done any deadlift training for a month. Of course then I had to come home and find out my coach set a personal record himself in deficit deadlifts which is even harder then regular deadlifts. Layne is definitely keeping me humble and hungry! 🙂

Layne is training for a powerlifting meet he is competing at in 2 weeks time, I am sure he is going to do awesome. The guy is crazy strong, check out the video!

Yesterday I trained legs and for the first time I was not able to make increases across the board. In some cases I actually could not match what I had done previously and I was completely drained after the workout. Despite the increase in calories on Monday I have actually lost weight this week down to 205.8 lbs from 206.4 lbs. Looks like the small increase in calories was not enough to keep up with my increased metabolism. The good news is the weight loss should be from fat so keeping things lean. Today I was able to push hard for shoulders and arms out doing my previous workout in all exercises, however I am extremely tired after. My forearms ache right to the bone so I think its time to take a week off from training or at least back off on the weight and do a deload for a week or two. I will see what Layne wants me to do on Monday.

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