Week 7 Lean Gain Phase

After upping the carbs by 15g a day for the week my weight has rebounded and I weighed in at 206.8 lbs up a pound from 205.8 lbs last week. I still pushed hard on the power days but on the hypertrophy days made sure I was not going to failure until the last set. In a few cases I even backed off the weight I was using by 10 lbs however after my Saturday workout my left forearm was still really ache. I have a feeling its the hammer curls that is causing it. Its been 3 weeks since I posted pictures so I am putting up another set for Layne and I have 8 weeks left until I start my contest prep.

A lot of my carbs come from oatmeal and while eating the same foods all the time usually doesn’t bother me for some reason this week I was really beginning to hate eating my oatmeal. So I decided to see if I could make it a bit more palatable. To do this I decided to add some cinnamon as well as some Splenda to add some flavor and sweetness and wow what a difference! The texture and taste is great and cinnamon is also a thermogenic as well as providing some other possible health benefits so a really great addition to my diet!

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  • Hi Vanguard,

    As well as cinnamon I like to put grated nutmeg on my oats which gives it a whole new flavour.
    I sometimes also put chopped banana in (extra carbs) or dessicated coconut (extra fat and carbs) which also gives oats a different flavour.
    Raisins and peanut butter are good flavours, although not together.

    Good luck!


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