Week 8 Lean Gain Phase

So for this week Layne upped my carbs another 5 grams a day. In addition I decided to take this week off from training as I could tell my body just needed a break. So I upped the total carbs but then reduced my total carbs by 20% to account for the decrease in activity. Weight last Saturday was 206.8 lbs and this morning I was 207.6 lbs which kind of surprised me as I was below 206.8 lbs every day this week and I was thinking I was not going to gain any weight and may even be down for the week.

Ordered some new tank tops from Outwork Apparel that came in so going to be rocking the gym in style next week!

So that was the good news for the week, the bad news was that I have yet another ailment to overcome. This time the plantar fascia in my right foot is acting up and causing me grief, yet another body part I was not aware of and never had problems with before. I am taking ibuprofen and icing my foot along with stretching to hopefully fix things up. Never a dull moment in my quest to the stage! 🙂

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  • Speaking of injuries, I know you had issues with your rotator cuff. I had tenderness in my left shoulder a couple months ago so I started doing some rotator cuff exercises. In the mean time I thought it might have been related to an old neck injury that was causing nerve related pain because it was only really bothering me when I lay down at night. I went to a chiropractor and after several weeks and nothing getting better he tested my rotator cuff. That’s what it is. It’s been getting worse and I haven’t lifted for two weeks. Is it possible to rehab it and completely get rid of the tenderness and pain?

    • Mine was actually an AC joint sprain instead of a rotator cuff injury and I have been fortunate to have been able to recover 100%. I have read many stories of people recovering 100% from rotator cuff injuries it really just depends on how bad the injury is. You would be best to ask your chiropractor or doctor that questions as they can properly assess your injury and assist with getting you proper rehab.

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